The estate of the Gkirlemis Family is located in Polydendri Domokou, in Prosilia.
The purchase of the estates took place in 2004 and in the same year both the management and
the preparation of the estate, which was completed in 2007.


Early 2007 the planting procedures of our privately owned, single-area vineyard began 350 acres after extensive, soil analysis by the oenologist and agronomist of the estate.

This spot is of particular morphological interest, which favors the cultivation of Greek and international varieties


Based on this, five white and five red varieties were selected for planting, where 60% of the white varieties and 40% of the red varieties dominate.

Most acres of white and red varieties were planted mainly with native varieties and supplemented with international varieties


In 2011 the construction of our fully equipped winery was completed, which is located next to our vineyard and the main material used was the stone that came from the preparation of the estates where our vineyards were planted.


With respect to nature, we cultivate Greek and foreign grape varieties in our vineyard in Domoko and create wines that express our soul and culture!