10 + 1 questions to a new winemaker: Fanikos Gkirlemis

10 + 1 questions to a new winemaker: Fanikos Gkirlemis
27/04/2020 Views: 536
You are the owner of a renowned winery with significant prospects. Tell us about the history of your winery.

It all started in 2007, when my father Ioannis Girlemis - then a customs broker by profession - decided to create a vineyard and a winery in Polydendri Domokou, to spend time and produce wine for his friends and customers. I also studied Maritime in Chios, to follow the profession of customs broker. In 2011 all the plantings were completed in our 350 acre vineyard, but also our winery, which was built on the stone of the estates that later became a vineyard. In 2013 the first wines were released with the name of our winery to be "Girlemis Family".

How did you decide to take up the profession of winemaker?

Watching from the first stages the creation of the vineyard and then of our winery, I got the "germ". At every opportunity, I chose to be there and learn things from my father regarding the management of the vineyard and the winery. Then I realized that it would be the profession I love and I will follow. The same course was followed by my brother and ally, Dimitris Girlemis.

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